Grill Cleaner

The safe way to
clean your grill

  • Self-Adjusting Spikes to Fit Most BBQ Grills
  • Quickly Cleans top and sides of grill
  • Solid Stainless-Steel + aluminum construction
  • Solid Wood Handle
Lifetime Guarantee

The Last BBQ Cleaning Tool You'll Ever Buy

The safe way to clean your grill

Take the hassle and frustration out of cleaning your grill with those other BBQ brushes. Old, worn-out brushes get gummed up with char and grease and eventually cause the bristles to fall out and potentially get into your food.

Grill Spike® is constructed with aluminum, stainless-steel, and an extra long solid wood handle which is the safest way to clean your BBQ.

Our patent-pending, self-adjusting stainless steel spikes clean both sides of the grill simultaneously. The scraper at the leading edge cleans your BBQ grill with nothing to leave behind to get into your food and will leave your grill clean every time – for a lifetime.

BBQ Brush Warnings

Be safe:

Using a wire bristle brush could be hazardous to your health, as wire bristles can fall out and stick to the grill and end up in your food. Ingesting wire bristles could potentially cause major internal damage to your throat, stomach or intestines, or even cause death.

The Grill Spike BBQ grill cleaning tool is like no other and is the perfect design you’ve been waiting for...

The Grill Spike is a BBQ grill cleaning tool that has your traditional scraper edge in addition to 3 rows of stainless steel, self-adjusting spikes for superior cleaning of your grill. It allows you to quickly scrape any size grill grate/rods on both top and sides in one motion to remove all the charred debris from grill.

Instructions for Use

We emphasize that proper and safe use of this tool requires following the written instructions:

Insert grill spike between grill grates using a back and forth motion adjusting depth of spikes by lifting handle up and down. A slight left to right angle while in back and forth motion will tighten spikes to side of grill for a more abrasive scraping motion. (Figure 1)

If spikes bind on grill, loosen pressure on down force and on left to right motion. If grill is equipped with center bar, lift over top of center bar while pulling Grill Spike back toward you. (Figure 2)

(Figure 1)

(Figure 2)

* Not recommended for enamel-coated, porcelain, or Teflon-coated grills

I bought Grill Spike for my husband for Father’s Day and he loves it! Our grill has never looked better and it’s so easy to use – even I clean the grill now!

Carol A. from California

I received Grill Spike for Christmas and I couldn't wait for the weather to get warmer so I could use it. I was not disappointed! I don’t know how I got along with out it. I keep my grill clean and ready to BBQ at all times.

Garth M. from Michigan

Grill Spike is the no fuss way to clean your grill. I’m so glad I don’t have to buy a new brush every couple of months. That can get costly.

Ben S. from Ohio

I love that the construction of Grill Spike makes it safe to use. I BBQ for my grandchildren all the time and now I don’t have to worry about them getting bristles in their food which could harm them.

Agnes M. from North Carolina

What a great idea! I never realized how dirty my grill remained after brushing – and if I pushed the brush too hard the bristles would bend and sometimes fall out. More than I intended to spend, but you can’t put a price on safety

Glen R. from Oregon

Just got my Grill Spike and it works great. I threw my 2 old brushes in the trash.

John H. from Kentucky

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Lifetime Guarantee:

Grill Spike® warrants this product and its parts against defects in materials or workmanship and will repair or replace defective parts without charge to the original purchaser. Grill Spike® will not cover any damage as a result of misuse or neglect.

To obtain warranty, repair, or replacement, contact us via email at Product is to be sent along with proof of purchase.

All shipping fees both to and from DKM industries to be paid for by customer.