The safe way to clean your grill

Take the hassle and frustration out of cleaning your grill with those other BBQ brushes. Old, worn brushes get gummed up with old char and grease and eventually cause the bristles to fall out and potentially get in your food.

Grill Spike® is constructed with aluminum, stainless-steel, and an extra long solid wood handle which is the safest way to clean your BBQ.

Our patent-pending, self-adjusting stainless steel spikes clean both sides of the grill simultaneously. The scraper at the leading edge cleans your BBQ grill with nothing to leave behind to get into your food and will leave your grill clean every time – for a lifetime.

BBQ Brush Warnings

Be safe:

Using a wire bristle brush could be hazardous to your health as wire brushes can fall out and stick to the grill and end up in your food. Ingesting wire bristles could potentially cause major internal damage to your throat, stomach or intestines or even cause death!